Ross Management Consulting

RMC was established by Marc Ross over 30 years ago, to provide consulting services to the healthcare industry.  It quickly expanded into the publishing industry and education sector.

Today RMC provides consulting for many industries, with expert knowledge in each of those verticals.  We pride ourselves in industry knowledge as well as many technology domains.  Our philosophy is business first, the problem or goals are defined and then we get to work.  If your goals are unclear we can help to define those as well, utilizing our RMC Business Strategy methodology.

Our consultants are highly experienced professionals, that specialize in your domain as well as the business problem at hand.  Each consultant is vetted thoroughly for communication skills, industry knowledge, as well as, if needed, the proper technologies skills to understand your needs and demands fully.


About our Founder

Mr. Ross began his career as a biomedical engineer in the early 80s and started Ross Biomed to provide services to the healthcare industry.  Mr. Ross saw the demand increase for highly technical resources in specific industries and branched Ross Biomed out into IT consulting services, renaming it Ross Biomed and Computers.  .

As one of the first people to image a check, developed an early SOA methodology/solution, a click stream analytics engine (coined eBI) or writing books on migrating to advanced technologies, EA frameworks, Project Management and several other methodologies, he has become a recognized leader in many domains and industries, as well as an expert in developing corporate strategies.

Mr., Ross has degrees in Business Administration and Strategy, Marketing and Economics and worked with consulting companies such as IBM, Accenture, Cognizant, ADEA and Valtech.  He has done significant work for many of the F500 companies, to name a few, JPMorgan Chase, BCBS, Shell, Fidelity, AT&T, Verizon, Williams Energy, BNSF, Boeing,